And we’re back!

Sorry for the longer-than-anticipated absence. We’re still working on getting my computer hooked up to the internet (you know, the computer with all my pictures and projects stored on it) so it’s been kind of a deterrent for blogging. So I finally gave up and decided to just to it on Pauls computer. We’re still working on getting the boxes unpacked, and as soon as we do that I will show you pictures of our lovely house. But until then you’ll just have to see what I’ve been making.

So, we had another round of baby showers this weekend, and again, I forgot to take a picture of Bess’s before it was wrapped and shipped off. So, you can see what 1/2 of it looked like, and that’s this:

So once it was finished it looked more like this (the original pattern):

And then some more baby-old-man sweaters:
The purple for Afton’s baby girl, and the brown for Emily’s baby boy, so the cute cousins can be matching.

And then I’ve been making another green dress, not for any one in particular, but this is a toddler size, so I am not sure who it will fit, but I am sure I can find a taker.

It’s a nice soft green color. Quite pretty, really.

Well, I best be off to unpack more boxes, but I will be back later this evening with a fun DIY!


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