A DIY: Soap Sack

So for todays DIY we’ve got something that might seem a little strange, but I made one and I like it, so I thought I would just throw it out there in case anyone else is interested in it.

Get out your wool (it should be a natural fiber, only)
First you just knit yourself a long rectangle, about 1/2 wider than your bar of soap. I put a little cable in mine, just for fun.

Then measure it up to your soap, make sure it can wrap all the way around it.

Then simply sew it into a pocket, drop the soap in, and sew up that open end.

and here you are:

And since it’s made out of the wool, it will slightly felt in the shower, and it makes good suds!


2 thoughts on “A DIY: Soap Sack

  1. Hannah, I don’t know if it’ll be reusable, I guess I will just have to see how much it felts, if it doesn’t felt a lot I can use it again, if it does felt too much then I’d probably just knit another one, it’s a pretty quick project!

    and that owl is way cuter than mine. 🙂

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