I haven’t been blogging, we’ve been busy, but mostly for the reason that we’re having a lot of upcoming baby showers, and I’ve been knitting up baby sweaters like crazy. A little taste:
and also I need a bit of help. Which buttons would you use?

Another one:
and also I need some help. The buttons will be on the top, fastening the neck opening. Are the flowers a bit too cutesy? When in doubt the plainer is a bit better, however, the flowers are pretty darn cute.

And another work in progress.
It’s currently in the blocking process. There will be a big collar, a similar one to I made for Ezra a while back. Kind of an old-man type sweater. I love it.

And this was our yard sale score! There weren’t many good sales on Saturday, but this one we found in our FRONT YARD! The girl who lives upstairs was having a yard-sale, and it’s still residing in our kitchen, because of the move we’ve got nowhere to put it, but hopefully it’ll be our new nightstand for the bedroom.

And it’s got my birthday flowers on it!

So go back and let me know which buttons I should use for the sweaters!


7 thoughts on “Baby-Sweater-Fest

  1. Ha! I was goign to say the brown on the left and the pruple on the the right…If the kid you are making it for is anything like K – they will love seeing a shape they know. KayLynn loves her flower buttons and shows them to everyone when she is wearing them!

    PS: The Monkey (did I say that we call him Money?? K couldn’t pronounce her K’s very well!) is still beloved and slept with everynight. Today she had to take it to the babysitters with her. Don’t worry – I did not ask you for your address for nothing… Its jus ttaking me longer than I thought to get a stamp – who knew something so simple could be so freakin ellusive.

  2. Well, this isn’t going to help since it’s contrary, but I like the oval buttons, and then the flower buttons. I like cute accents, especially for kids stuff, it was grown up stuff I would choose the others.
    I think I’m going to cast on my sweater today!!

  3. ALI! omg, I can’t believe how fast you churn ’em out! I’ve done like two stripes on my blanket in the time you’ve whipped up these sweaters, haha! LOVE Nigel’s hoodie–sooo cute! I vote for the oval buttons, and then I like the flower buttons for the purple, because they seem more the same color, and I think with the texture on top, you wouldn’t need the additional contrast of a different color….but both would be cute! can’t wait to see the finished product! πŸ™‚

  4. I like the toggle buttons for the brown and the not flower buttons for the purple. And such a great night stand!

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