Buttony Update

Since I’ve been home sick, I’ve gotten alot done on my Buttony Sweater while lying on the couch coughing and feeling pretty gross. When I was gone last weekend to Tacoma Paul wasn’t feeling well, and thought it was allergies, but when I got home and got the same thing 2 days later, well, we’re pretty sure it’s not allergies! But I digress, the Buttony:

I’ve almost completed the bodice. About 4-5 more inches to go until I end the bottom. And then just adding sleeves (which to me is the worst part, I don’t know why)

But I DO love how the raglan style does sleeves. It looks like I sewed it together, but it’s all ONE piece, which is great because seaming is pretty much the lamest thing ever. Ever.

Ew. That picture makes it look gross and acrylic. It’s not, people. It’s made out of my fav Eco wool.

By the time I finish it I probably won’t have the weather to wear it until next fall, however, as we’re still getting snow flurries and freezing nights, I think I might get a chance if I finish it up soon!

A quick link for you, Charissa posted a super cute DIY for a fun, bold necklace. I am definitly going to try it out, so you should, too!


One thought on “Buttony Update

  1. I didn’t know you were working on another sweater! I really like the “fake seams.” Awesome!

    Sad times that you are sick. You must get better by this weekend so we can play–that’s not a request.

    Oh and I’m glad you are going to try the necklace too! I wore it today and got lots of compliments…oh and Jonathan said it looked like I was trying to hang myself… good luck! 🙂

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