My loot

Erika let me pick out my birthday present while we were at Target (Always gotta make a Target run while you’re in a city that’s got one!) And, while there wasn’t much Liberty of London stuff around, (I was hoping to score some more stuff for the house, but didn’t find much) I found this jewel. I love it.

It’s the perfect size to hold our coffee! (And it has an airtight seal!)

Cute no?

And Hilary got me the cutest bread pan. It’s YELLOW!

I love yellow. And I love bread.


4 thoughts on “My loot

  1. The Liberty of London line is great!! I got a swim suit with one of their prints on it. That’s a fun bread pan. πŸ™‚

  2. I didn’t really look at many of the clothes, they were a bit more expensive than I’d like to spend. (At least the dresses were), I can imagine that a Lib of London swimsuit would be super cute, and if I saw it I probably would have bought it, however, I am currently in possession of aproximately 15 swimsuits… so it would have been an unnecessary luxury. πŸ™‚

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