Shalom update

Here is the latest on Shalom.

I obviously should have gotten longer needles for this project, but this was what I had on hand, so you make due, you know? I made Erika’s on this and it worked just fine, and although mine is about 2-3 sizes bigger it’s not too bad. But I got alot done over the weekend, despite it being pretty busy.

But the bad news is, my bum shoulder returned. I saw the MD again today and he said it’ll most likely be a chronic condition. He gave me an injection into my shoulder today, it hurt pretty badly, but he says it should feel better in a day or two, but it’ll probably keep coming back. It’s not necessarily due to one specific thing, but a combonation of stress and repetative motion. So if knitting keeps me de-stressed, but it aggrivates it by doing repetative motion… hmm. I’ll have to think about that one for a while.

Off to knitting night!


3 thoughts on “Shalom update

  1. Grace,
    It’s on circular needles, but I am not knitting in the round. But it kind of looks like I am because my needles are way too small for my project, but I am a cheapskate who doesn’t want to pay for another, longer set of the same size.

  2. It is really looking nice.

    Make yourself a rice pack. for your shoulder. Make a rectangel about 18 inchs by 6 inches and sew it so it has 4 pockets. Put about 1/2 cup rice in each pocket, then sew up. Then heat in the microwave for 45 seconds or so and use on the shoulder

    You can still do some activities but it helps relax the muscle as you work. Then just reheat it every 30 min or so. Makes it so much easier to do handwork in the evening while watching TV. Ths is what worked well for me when I had tennis elbow

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