Saturdays are my favorite.

So, today I did some serious spring cleaning. I mean, I went through everything I owned. Got rid of a lot of junk that I don’t need. Does anyone else just feel so revitalized once they’ve gotten rid of a bunch of stuff? It’s so liberating!

Had a good coffee date. (Thanks, Hannah!)

Uploaded all of my music onto my computer (alot of my music was already on there, but lots of random CD’s I haven’t listened to in a long time.) Organizing CD’s… I never know if I should organize it by genre, alphabetically… who knows.

And… decided to try my hand at some tatting. Actually I don’t think this is really tatting, as tatting has certain weird knots and such, but without a pattern or anything to follow I just started hooking away.


I think what I’ll do is make some snowflakes and starch them, they make great Christmas ornaments (Thanks for the idea, Mom)

So…. my birthday is coming up soon, and if anyone wants to get me this book, I won’t hold it against them.

Does everyone else love Saturdays?

On a side note, only 3 weeks left of work! (whoa.) This wedding is coming up soon, less than six weeks left.


6 thoughts on “Saturdays are my favorite.

  1. If you put sea shells on your waste baskets I might disown you. You don’t have a beach house, and it’s just kinda an old lady thing to do.
    But the book looks fun and interesting eitherway.

  2. Noooo, no seashells on the waste basket. I don’t allow that kind of kitsch. But any other kind… it’s very welcome in my home. Ha.

  3. Well, the only one I’ve seen just like that is at Bucer’s, in Idaho. However, if you go to the Mandolin Cafe they have them kind of like that. Their coffee is taaaasty.

  4. I looked at the book tonight while wandering around Costco, waiting for pictures to be ready for pick up. Looks fun. I guess I always see books like that and wish I was a crafty kinda person. You on the other hand are very crafty and could make good use of a book like that.

  5. Saw the book at Borders and it had a great display, there was a girl flipping through one sitting on the floor right in front of the display and she didn’t move as I grabbed and book and flipped through it and put it back. She seemed very interested in it and I would have thought it was you except she was Asian. πŸ™‚ The little bit I saw was great!! I think Martha’s making a lamp shade, I’m not a huge fan of beachy stuff in your home but if you like it’s your choice.

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