Spring Plants

So, even though we won’t have a real garden, I want to at least have some window plants, so last week I got some free packets of seeds from work… I planted some dill. It’s still cute little baby dill.

swine-flu-2-001But hopefully soon it will turn into…
dill-turning-yellowBut I don’t even like pickles… dill-pickles so I don’t know what I’ll do with a bunch of dill. (Leave my cucumbers alone, thanks) But I kind of like the look of dill… so maybe I’ll just keep it around the apartment.

I also planted some Zinnias, which are more exciting than dill!
swine-flu-2-002They’re still babies too, oh awful picture quality, sorry about that, but hopefully soon they’ll be beautiful like these..

We’ve been cautioned at work about the dangers of swine flu, especially in a healthcare facility.* You know what I think about that?
swine-flu-002Ok, so maybe we had too much fun today while we were at work… but c’mon, it was my birthday.

*Just so ya’ll know, we’re not made to wear masks or anything at work. Yet. But it wouldn’t suprise me if they started making us!

One thought on “Spring Plants

  1. I’m growing dill on my counter, too, but I only have one measly little straggler after nearly two months of growth! My basil is doing much better though.

    Hope you had a nice birthday. I’ll tell you about my “bad” dream I had about it tomorrow! So sad…

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