Crochet Ripple

So, Erika found a blanket that she liked and asked me to try it out for Baby Chuck’s baby blanket. I was a bit aprehensive at first, considering I still don’t really know how to read a pattern, but I gave it a try and I think it turned out nice! I just used whatever yarn I had laying around, so this isn’t going to be the colors for Baby Chuck, but I just wanted to show off the fact that I could follow a pattern.
Row one, it kind of looks like a little snake!

Row two…


oooh, two colors now!

Ta da! My little finished sampler. So it doesn’t photograph all that well, but it’s pretty cute in person. (If I do say so myself) But a big shoutout to Attic24 for the best, easiest to follow crochet pattern, well, ever! So whoever you are, Attic24, I greatly appriciate your amazing instruction. And your blanket is beautiful, too.

So I’ve been on a knitting rampage lately… working on Red Blanket some more. Still only about 1/2 way done… and not entire sure how I am going to work it, but I really like how it’s coming together. I haven’t gotten out of the house too much since I got back, so I’ve put in some serious man hours into it. I do believe I’ll develop carpal tunnel here pretty quickly…


3 thoughts on “Crochet Ripple

  1. Hurray! Maybe we’ll come over tonight?! We have Marley and Me to watch. I can’t wait to see what the blankey looks like in person, I love the pattern though on Attic24’s blog. It just looked so fun and like something he can carry around with him. 😉

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