A semi-real update. Or at least getting back to the real reason of this blog.

So, on my trip I got these awesome, awesome plates in Belgium.


However, on a sad note, two of them didn’t make it home in one piece.


But you know, it wasn’t all that sad, because in all honesty I paid one EURO for them. Now, you may ask, “How in the world did Ali buy those really awesome green plates for just a Euro?” Well, that is because she went here. Do you know what this is? This is Dekringloopwinkel, which is a Belgian thrift store which was so much more awesome than American thrift stores and if I had as much room to pack as I wanted, well, I’d be taking home most of the store and still have plenty of money left over.

So I might save some of the broken pieces to make something out of. I don’t know what yet. Maybe a mosiac or something.


So, I came across this blog, which I found pretty entertaining, I think Adam might like it. Unnecessary Quotations are one of my favorite things spot on signs, especially professional signs!


Oh, St Vincent, how I love you. Today Heidi and I got some major scores at St. Vinnie’s, including this awesome retro apron.


But this was my favorite find of all:


And it only set me back 99 cents. I was so thrilled with this suitcase. And yes, it’s just as orange as the pictures make it look.

It’s beautiful.


2 thoughts on “A semi-real update. Or at least getting back to the real reason of this blog.

  1. I like the apron!! The plates are great too! I wouldn’t use an orange suitcase but it’s cute too. On second thought maybe I would then I would always know what suitcase was mine on the baggage pickup carousel!! What’s with the link to the belgian website, do you even know what it says? πŸ™‚

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