More Felting and other craft related stuff…

So I wanted to share more of my felting fun with everyone:


Unfelted – felted once- felted twice, just so you can gauge how much they actually shrink. Speaking of shrinking, let me tell you a little story about a purse I tried to make…

So I made one large strip: (With a few stripes for good measure)

Then made an even longer skinny strip for a strap:


And then out of the wash came THIS:

And simply put, it just looks ridiculous with that long of a strap. So now I’ll just call it a ‘clutch’ and who knows what I’ll do with it. Any takers?


Good news is that the craft sale was totally awesome and we sold quite a bit of stuff.

Oh and I made more coasters:



And also a tiny little box to put my bobby-pin buttons in.

Alright, I think that’s enough photo’s for now! I’ll let you know if there’s anymore pertinent crafting information I have left off. But for now, that’s all.


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