I felted it

I tried my first experiment with felting, and I must say that it went really well. I got some more wool at JoAnn’s tonight and I plan on making more for our craft sale on Saturday. Yep, we’re having a craft sale, if you want details just let me know and I can tell you when and where! It’ll be awesome though.


After the first round of felting and shaping


The corners


I did a little stitch work on the front because it was kind of boring, then I threw it in the wash again to felt once more.


A few of the coasters after felting-round 1


The basket after being felted. And it fits 8 little coasters just perfect!


The coasters after felting- round 2


Some more coasters prior to felting


After two washes they’ll be about 1/2 that size, which I realize you can’t tell how big those are, but they’re about as big as my hand.

And also, I got engaged! Yay and hooray.




5 thoughts on “I felted it

  1. I love the new blog set up. Also, the felting is looking amazing. Still holding out on the lamby? I want one even if I don’t have any children yet. Maybe you should practice now so that my first child doesn’t have the ugly one and the other children have a really cute praportionate one. Just a thought. πŸ˜‰
    ❀ Rik

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