Bunny Babies

A little compare and contrast. Top picture is Effie, 18 months wearing the bunny hat. Bottom is Sam I think he was about 8 months old, wearing it. I can’t believe how similar they look!

Bunnyhat Bunnyhat2

In other news, seems like winter has hit us. It’s been very chilly out and last week we even got a day of snow!Β 11931074_861748487280019_2008110739_n

It melted pretty quickly, but Sam had a blast playing in it and making snowballs to throw at the house.


I don’t mind the chilly weather though, gives me an excuse to stay inside and knit for the new baby! We don’t know the gender, so I’ve been knitting up some fun gender neutral stuff for him/her!




Just a few more months to go! (I’m 28 weeks right now!) and before I know it, the holidays will be in full swing, so trying to get as much baby-prep stuff done beforehand! Also, in case you didn’t see, I went as Juno for Halloween. Won second place in the costume contest! Hah! Paul even grabbed an extra large Big Gulp cup for me to use as a prop.



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