Effie’s Tunic

I made up a pattern for a quick tunic this weekend in my head, and tried it out, worked pretty well! I’ll try to get it written up very, very soon, because I love this tunic and want to share it with you!

tunic1 tunic2 tunic3 tunic4

I made it with Cascade Eco wool, because that’s what I had a lot of (I unraveled my Buttony Sweater, because I just never wore it and thought I could do something more fun with the buttons and the yarn!). Anyway, it’ll be a fun quick pattern, since it’s with nice thick yarn and size 8 needles it works up quickly! I think I might make the next one a bit longer, because I think it’ll be more versatile that way, (wearing it with tights, maybe?) but I love a nice wool tunic for the cold winter months!


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