Legacy Of Clean Product Review


I’ve been trying to make the switch over to more natural cleaning products for a while and trying to replace them with more natural options, but hadn’t really found what I was looking for until recently. My friend Rhiannon told me about her Amway “Legacy of Clean” products and I was really interested in trying them out. She sent me a box of stuff to sample and I am totally sold. They make their cleaning products out of safe, effective ingredients and unlike many of the ‘green’ products I’ve tried they actually do a good job! I’ve tried several ‘green cleaners’ and ended up needing to put twice as much elbow grease into it just to get the same result as I’ve been getting with the Legacy of Clean products, and it does it all without the nasty harmful stuff that makes your lungs hurt when you inhale any of it on accident.

As their website puts it- “LEGACY OF CLEAN family-friendly, planet-positive products are sustainable, featuring naturally derived ingredients for better cleaning results – and concentrated formulas. So rest assured, while you’re making things cleaner, safer, and brighter at home, you’re doing the same for the planet with LEGACY OF CLEAN laundry and cleaning products.”


Kitchen/All Purpose Wipes: They are good for smaller messes, and I found that I could even give it a quick rinse and reuse it- they smell nice, too! I found them to work really well around the stove where it ends up being a bit greasy- the citrus cuts through the grease and it got a lot of nasty stuff off of the stove-fan (yeah, I forgot to clean it for a while. Ew.) But my favorite use for them so far is in the bathroom too, I don’t mind using something disposable on things like the toilet where I can wipe it down and then just throw it away! (Especially while we were potty training…. yeah.) And now I’m gonna show you my shoes. Just what you expected, right? Well, this was literally a 10 second wipe down of my Converse.

legacyofcleanbeforeafter Not too shabby, eh? I was impressed- worked better on it than a Magic Eraser!

Kitchen Spray Cleaner: This may be my favorite product of the Legacy of Clean line- and doesn’t leave a gross residue after you wipe it up like most cleaning sprays I’ve tried. Like the wipes, they work really well on cutting grease, and also just do a really good job of getting your counters and sink really clean and don’t smell toxic and nasty.

Scrub Buds: These are fantastic for pots and pans! And the best part- they don’t rust like steel wool does, and they do a really good job of getting really cooked on gunk off of things like my cast iron enamel cookware. And apparently, if you have a dishwasher, you can clean them in there- handy, huh?

Dish Drops Soap: A fantastic accompaniment to the Scrub Buds- a nice, sudsy soap that cuts through grease well and also rinses super clean so you don’t get spots on glassware. Also, it’s super easy on your skin and has aloe vera in it, which is great- my skin needs all the help it can get these days, especially in the winter!

Laundry Detergent: I’m kind of picky about my laundry detergent, since we do cloth diapering (Well, did until we potty trained last month, and we are planning on cloth diapering again when little girl makes her appearance) and I don’t like to use stuff with scents and such that cause buildup in cloth. We’ve been using it for about a month and I have absolutely no complaints! (We had been using Charlie’s Soap before) Sam’s clothes get pretty gross (being a 2 yr old boy and all) and the color-safe bleach in the SA8 Supreme detergent does a great job of getting the grime out of his clothes.

Bathroom Spray Cleaner: A great alternative to bathroom cleaners, without all of the nasty fumes- works great with soap scum and hard water film (We have horribly hard water here in Moscow, so this has been great in the shower!) and it’s super affordable- which is great because I find myself cleaning the bathroom a lot more often because this stuff smells great (citrusy!).

Whew, sorry- that was a bit word heavy! Basically, I am really impressed- and honestly with green cleaners I tend to have a bit of skepticism, so I was definitely surprised at how much I liked them. And it doesn’t hurt that I really like their packaging. I am a total sucker for good logos and nice looking packaging. If you want to order any of the Legacy of Clean products (which, you definitely should), just click on through to here and get some!

*All opinions here are my own. I was provided with Amway cleaning products to review and to test, but all opinions are my own and I do not promote products that I do not personally use or believe in!*

2 thoughts on “Legacy Of Clean Product Review

  1. Ali, I love your review! And I am so glad that you are enjoying the Legacy of Clean products as much as I do! Can’t wait for baby girl to come too! She’s going to love living in such a happy, healthy, clean house! 🙂

  2. Thanks for telling us about these products. The change in those shoes is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
    I found this sight a while ago that has a TON of cheap recipes for nontoxic cleaners for really cheap. I think it would be worth the while of anybody trying to live green to look at her site. http://mymerrymessylife.com/ Most of her recipes use items that you would find around the house (or if your like me and hardly have anything in your house ;), at the store).

    Hope you take a look at her website and hopefully find lots of useful stuff!


    P.S. I love all the patterns on your site! That mermaid outfit is to die for!!!!!!! Seriously I love it so much! And those viking hats? I loved them so much that I made a while bunch of them for my family at Halloween 🙂

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