Feltman Brothers Giveaway!!

I’m very excited to offer my readers the opportunity to win a super great giveaway from Feltman Brothers! They will be announcing their giveaway winner as soon as their Facebook page hits 1,000 likes (So get on over to Facebook and “Like” their page!)


Here is a link to the Rafflecopter giveaway, (Or you can click the picture below, which will take you to the entry form) please take the time to enter to win a gift package worth $150! They have really adorable and timeless items for babies and toddlers. This stuff is exquisitely sewn and hand embroidered heirloom-quality baby wear, the kind of thing you’ll pass down to your babies babies!



One thought on “Feltman Brothers Giveaway!!

  1. These baby outfits are so cute I might have to adopt a baby to fill them (hubby just got the snip and our 4 year old might resist my attempts and playing dress up). I may have to settle with giving one of the jumpers to my niece who is expected to arrive this summer.

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