A Big Announcement.

We’re expecting Tiny Tong Two this winter! We already got to see an ultrasound and hear the heartbeat of our little Tiny Tong, and all looks well so far. My due date is February 2nd, we are absolutely thrilled!

(PS. I had to make the “big brother” onesie because they definitely don’t make them in 0-3month size, which Sam is still currently wearing)


7 thoughts on “A Big Announcement.

  1. Congratulations Ali and Paul! How very exciting for you, for us… your loyal groupies. Am also surprised to hear Sam is wearing 0-3, no wonder you worry so about him. He is a very beautiful baby none the less, I love him with his teething necklace on, looks so cool.

  2. BABY!!!!! This surely means that you will have no more use for Sam and I can have him right? I need a baby cuddle fix!

  3. Yeah, the smallest Big Brother onesie I’ve ever seen is 18mths. People have their kids close sometimes, maybe you could open a side business to sell smaller size Big Brother onesies in between kids, knitting, and life ya know. 🙂

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