Cloth Diapering Part II

Still going strong on cloth diapering! I actually just bought some more really cute diapers, since Sam figured out how to get the velcro ones off. Whoops. These have snaps, so they are harder for him to get off.

He also got some leggings with the diaper order. I think they’re pretty cute.

Yes, they make his butt huge, but I think it’s adorable!

So now we are using half AlvaBaby and half BumGenius. Both are pocket diapers. I am really enjoying using them, I love seeing the cute patterns and some of the new ones are even “minky” which has a velvety soft outside layer, making them super soft! I know it’s gross to rub diapers on my cheeks, so I’ll refrain, but we love cloth diapering. If you have any questions regarding cloth diapering please feel free to ask in the comments!


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