Ruffle Hat

A custom order for a ruffle hat, that will eventually go with a dress and bloomer set that someone ordered.

And yes, I had to bribe my kid with my juice bottle just to get him to pose for these pictures. Without it, pictures looked like this.

So I let him have it.

Working on some bigger projects right now, (Like a hammock! Hah!) so there hasn’t been a lot to show on the ol’ blog. We have gotten completely unpacked now, which feels great, and we are absolutely loving our new hours. We’re withing close walking distance of 4 outdoor parks and one indoor squishy park for those yucky days. We love our duplex-neighbors, they’ve got two cute little girlies! We have a huge yard, and I’ve already gotten a teeny bitty garden started (Two tomato plants, a bit of mint and some pepper plants) but am planning on adding to that soon with some Farmer’s Market starts!

Tomorrow morning is Sam’s 9month well child check, so I’ll be posting his nine month pictures, along with his stats tomorrow. We’re hoping for some good weight gain! Oooh, also, I got another stash of cloth diapers today, so I’ll be blogging about those as well this week, cuz they are CUH-YUTE! (Who’da thunk I’d ever be obsessed with diapers? Haha)


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