Sam’s New Room!

At the last place, Sam’s room was a hybrid craft/library/study/nursery. Which was fine for when he was really little, but now that he actually is playing and moving around having a bunch of craft supplies and books in his room wasn’t exactly going to cut it. I wanted him to have a place where he could actually play and touch everything in his room so I wouldn’t constantly have to be redirecting him.

I got that awesome toy shelf used a few months ago, and now we finally have a place for it. I love that thing! It’s so nice that Sam can see all of his toys and is able to pull himself up and grab whichever toy he wants.

The green elephant painting my sister Erika made for us. I love this painting so much!

In the rocking chair, with the blanket I crocheted for him before he was born.

These are all pictures that were cut out of old fairy tale books

Blackout curtain…not pretty but essential if I do not want to be up for the day at 4:45am.  (it could also use an ironing. Sorry mom.)

Crib- cool poster which I believe at one point belonged to the Gibbs, his funny bicycle plaque and his name blanket. Elephant mobile made by my sweet cousin Sarah.

His red cabled blanket I made and his fuzzy monkey that he can’t sleep without. Paul won that at the fair for me several years ago, and Sam has really latched onto it for some reason!

Well, there is your tour of the nursery! It’s the only room that is completely put together, but the other rooms are very close and hopefully by early next week I’ll have a complete house tour to show you!


3 thoughts on “Sam’s New Room!

  1. I am so excited for him to have his own space! Ezra has started referring to our living rooms his playroom….um, nope. Take all your toys back to you’re room! Goofball.

  2. That’s so cute!! Elephants are my absolute favorite so I love looking at your pictures! I would love to someday have an elephant-themed nursery (or at least jungle animals)!!

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