Month 3

A few days late, but here are Sam’s monthly photos! Here’s a link to Month 1, and Month 2, in case you missed them! And  here is a link to a page that I’ll be updating every month with all of the pictures together, so you can see them side by side!

Sam With His Bear:

Sam in his Crib:

Sam with Crocheted Pillow:

Sam’s big growth spurts seem to have leveled out. He hasn’t gained much weight this month, but I’m ok with that because he’s still wearing all of the same clothes!  He’s 12 lbs, 1 oz (as of 12/3/11 and just about 22 inches) Looks like we’ve got a shorty on our hands, ladies and gentlemen- he is only in the 3rd percentile for height! But I am sure he’ll catch up. I’m pretty short, too, so it’s not a huge mystery which side of the family he gets that from.

We’re still working on figuring out Sam’s grumpy moods. He tends to be on the colicky side, or a “high needs baby”. He is a pretty demanding kid who always wants to be held and never under any circumstances wants to be put down if he is awake. Still getting up about 3 or 4 times a night, no matter how much we try to do a schedule or follow the “eat, play, sleep” routine he just likes to get up to say hi, and grab a bite to eat before settling back down. But lately we’ve had a few good days sprinkled in with the bad, and it’s so nice to have a happy and smiling kid at least a few days a week! But it is getting easier to deal with, mostly because I am finally learning his signs and can do something before he has a major meltdown! He is pretty social, though, and is usually pretty good if we are out and about, and he loves Chloe, because she dotes on him like nobody else.

But, hey, we are getting there and trying to stay cheerful because this too shall pass, right? He won’t always be an infant, and while I love my son (very much!) I am a little anxious for the next stage in his life. But we are going to enjoy this one while we’re here.

Don’t forget to check out the monthly pictures side-by-side here!


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