Sam’s First Football Game

This past Saturday Paul and I took Sam to his very first football game! University of Idaho vs Utah State! The game got down to double overtime, but unfortunately the Vandals lost. But it was a really, really great game, and most everyone was already gone for Thanksgiving break, so it wasn’t very crowded, which was nice.

I also made Sam his very own Vandals hat for the game! Unfortunately it’s on backwards in this picture, but you get the idea.

Sam did really well during the game. He lost it a little bit at the end, the crowd got really loud during the double overtime, but other than that I think he had a good time. Well, pretty much he just slept the whole first half.

(And yes, I did bring my knitting to a football game. It’s a disease, I tell you!) And then, Sam got to meet Joe Vandal! YES! I was pretty excited about this photo-op.

He’s also wearing a Vandals outfit, too, but you can’t really see the lettering on the side of his onesie says University of Idaho Vandals and it’s pretty cute, too. But the hat steals the show, the little lady at the concession stand just couldn’t get enough of Sam.

Go Vandals!


4 thoughts on “Sam’s First Football Game

  1. The baby is adorable. He’s very blessed to have a Mother w such a gift to make him all the wonderful outfits to make him look all the more adorable. Is this hat pattern available?

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