Who Does He Look Like?

People often ask me who I think Sam looks like, me or Paul. I just chuckle and say “Definitely me”. Unfortunately I don’t see a whole lot of Tong in him, although maybe once he grows up and stops looking so baby-ish he’ll get more Tong features, but for right now he’s definitely very Gronewold! Wanna see some proof that this baby looks a lot like me?

This is me, circa 1986. And in case you need a comparison picture, here is Sam, circa 2011. (This picture of Sam is over a month old, but it was the best comparison one I could find.)

This picture is the only picture of Paul as a kid that I could find on my computer, I am sure his parents have some more, and believe me when I tell you, he was a really, REALLY adorable little kid.

I am a little surprised that my fair-skinned, light haired genes were more dominant than Paul’s, but as long as he gets Paul’s musical talent, sense of humor or his artistic skills then I don’t mind at all.


One thought on “Who Does He Look Like?

  1. He looks like his mommy, and he might grow up with the same talents as his father!

    T he looks like his mom but acts just like his father and has all his talents too.

    Either way Sam is an adorable little boy!!

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