Nursery Bedding

So, for my baby shower present we got the cutest bedding for Togglebuttons Nursery from my mom. I absolutely adore it.

Isn’t it the cutest, EVER?

 My sister Erika is actually the one that found it for me. And I instantly fell in love with it. And I think it’s gender neutral enough to use for other future children, girl or boy.

Togglebuttons little buddies are already in the crib waiting for him! Now all we need is a baby!

 It even has a cute little dust-ruffle, in my favorite color of green! Ok, now that I am looking at these pictures, I realized I probably should have ironed them before taking pictures and posting them all over the internet… (sorry mom)

Now I just need to get something to hang his cute new elephant mobile on! (If anyone has any great ideas on how to attach it to the crib, I’d love to hear them. You can see a picture of the mobile hanging to the right, just behind me (it’s hanging from the light fixture) in this picture.)


7 thoughts on “Nursery Bedding

  1. Nice bedding!! I think you should use string, yarn or ribbon to hang it from the ceiling then you can raise it when toggle gets older. 🙂

  2. Erika- I don’t know how we’re arranging the room yet. We’ve got a swing and bassinet in there right now, although those will eventually be moved to the bedroom and living room, but for now they’re just being in the way… I think that we’re going to have to take down my sewing table and put the crib in that corner, just because otherwise it would be just sitting in the center of the room, you know? Luckily, there’s room to store stuff underneath the crib, so I will probably utilize that space for yarn storage. 🙂

    Dana, I think that’s a good idea! Sounds like the simplest solution!

  3. Cute! I ditto the gender neutral thing (no pink!). I don’t remember. Where did you get the crib?

  4. We got it for free from a family at our church! It’s still in really good shape, but apparently we are like the 4th or 5th owners of this crib. It’s pretty old, but it wasn’t recalled and isn’t one of the scary drop-sided cribs that are dangerous. I am thinking that maybe someday I will either strip it or paint it brown. The white just shows all the little chips and dents and stuff. Not that it REALLY matters for a baby crib, but you know, it might look a little bit cuter that way. Plus, the brown would look nice with the bedding!

  5. I got behind on my reading or I would have said right away that your crib is SO cute! Love the colors and the elephants. And I so sympathize with your sausage feet except that in my case, only one foot swelled. That may sound nicer, but it looked positively ridiculous. Will be praying for you this weekend.

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