In Which I Have Trouble Going Back and Forth.

So I’m in the middle of working on two separate projects, and the gauge difference is kind of hard to overcome. I’ve never worked on two things simultaneously that have been so difficult to switch back and forth. I think I just need to finish one and then pick the other one back up.

And in case you’re wondering- the top (blue) project is a knitted tie. I know, I know. It’s a commissioned project, but I think it’s really going to turn out really awesome. It’s knit on size 1 needles (SIZE ONE, PEOPLE! That’s TINY!) on lace weight yarn, making it the smallest yarn and needles I’ve ever worked with before.  The bottom project (green) is a baby-bag that I am making for Togglebuttons. It’s sort of a swaddling blanket. Who knows if it’ll be the right size for him, but I’ve got a ton of this green yarn to use up so I am gunna make one. It’s knit on size 10.5’s with super bulky yarn (In other words, it took me about 1 hour to knit a square that’s about 16x16inches.) It’s really hard to adjust my hands between the two projects, so I think when we leave town tonight I am just going to leave one of them behind!

Well, we’ll be at our Family Reunion for the next week, so posting might be light (or non-existent, we’ll see!) Hope you all have a grand weekend!


7 thoughts on “In Which I Have Trouble Going Back and Forth.

  1. Oooh… Um… I bought the green yarn when I was starting a large project (it got frogged) in like 2007, so I am not positive of the name, but I think it’s something like Lion Brand Thick ‘n Quick? It’s a super-bulky yarn.

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