Definitely still on a toy-making kick. I’ve got all these ideas floating around my head for more animal friends that I want to make, now.

I gave this little monkey a t-shirt because I didn’t quite have enough brown yarn to finish him off.

But I think the shirt turned out kinda cute.

Anybody got any name suggestions for this little guy? (I am going with Cornelius for the Elephant, thanks Rik!)

Oh man, I just LOVE making things for my OWN baby. It’s so exciting. I mean, I love making things to give away to people as well, and I love making commissioned items, but there is something so great about making something for your own little baby. Now just 7 1/2 (Give or take a few weeks) more weeks until we get to meet.


5 thoughts on “Monkey!

  1. Georgie, that’s what we call Curious George.I love the tee, it’s very cute. Or Julius the Paul Frank monkey . Julius and Cornelius best friends already. πŸ™‚

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