22 Weeks

So I am almost at the 22 Week mark! Sleeping has been getting a bit harder, especially since I have always been a stomach sleeper, which obviously doesn’t really work when your belly is sticking out so far.

I’m still choosing to do the black and white pictures since my skin hasn’t been really very pretty lately…

I’ve even started waddling a little bit. It’s kind of embarrassing, but you gotta do what you gotta do. It’s not because my stomach is so big, it’s just because of the pressure pushing on my lower back. I know it makes people look at me funny, but you know, pregnant women just kind of get to do what they want, right?

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately, other things have been taking priority. I think I’ve started the ‘nesting phase’ this week… This morning I did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the house, scrubbed the bathroom, folded laundry, cleaned our bedroom, sorted my fabric, cleaned the craft room and tidied up Paul’s study area, and that was all before Paul got home for his lunch break, so I think that was a pretty productive day. So now I have to run some errands and pick up some extra guitar picks for my husband because he’s playing at an Open Mic night tonight. Sadly I still have no voice because I’ve been sick for the past week, or else I’d be singing alongside him… maybe next week.


6 thoughts on “22 Weeks

  1. I’m a stomach sleeper as well. I found I could fake it if I slept with a knee to the side, as high as it could go.

  2. Love the weekly photos!

    The most comfortable position for me to sleep in has been on my left side with my right leg crossed over, as far as possible. My midwife also has suggested laying in intertubes (or pillows or those what, boppys?) to relieve pressure on the stomach, but still allow you to lay “on your stomach”…

  3. You look so great, Ali! I know this post is a little old, but I’m just getting caught up on it 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better now!

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