Boy or Girl?

We (hopefully, if the baby isn’t feeling too shy) will be finding out the gender of our little Toggle-Buttons on Tuesday, and you should make your predictions for the gender in that little poll over there on the left side of the blog!

So go ahead in the poll and cast your votes on what you think it’ll be!


10 thoughts on “Boy or Girl?

  1. Because of your body’s reaction to pregnacy, I think little Tong will be Master Tong. Good Luck Ali! BTW Love the Blog

  2. GIRL! Only because literally every single person I have known to have a baby this year so far has had (or is having) a BOY! Seriously 7 baby boys!! And I think babies do come in waves like that but I’m guessing you’re gonna be the start of the girl wave. Those boys gotta have someone to tease in school someday!

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