Champion Sleeper

I’ve never been great at sleeping. I am a really light sleeper, so I wake up at the slightest noise or disturbance, which is kind of annoying, but I am sure will come in useful once the baby is born. But this past month I’ve been able to sleep like never before.

(image via we heart it)

I’ve never been one to sleep in very late, and unless I’ve am sick I can’t normally sleep past 8:00am (yes, I realize for you moms out there that this would be considered sleeping in) but this second trimester has thrown me for a loop. I can go to bed at 10:00 pm, and (besides getting up 5-6 times in the middle of the night to use the bathroom...) I can sleep until 9:45 or 10:00 am. It’s crazy. And even sometimes that’s with taking an hour or two nap during the middle of the day. (and yes, all you moms out there, I am taking advantage of all of the sleep, yes, I know I should expect not to sleep so much with a newborn in the house, yes I know that I will be sleep deprived in a few months)

(image via PurlBee)

Anyway, that’s lead me to thinking about our bedding and I’ve been really wanting to make a quilt. Mostly that one in the picture above by PurlBee. Isn’t it amazing?Β  Maybe I will make a baby sized one, because a queen size quilt seems a bit of a big undertaking for someone with a 15 second attention span. (Pregnancy brain is kind of ridiculous) Anyway, I’ve never actually FINISHED a quilt, although I’ve started 3, so maybe I should actually finish one of those before I start another one… so many unfinished projects, so little time….

7 thoughts on “Champion Sleeper

  1. OMG, Ali!!! you totally need to make that quilt!! I’ve had my eye on that quilt for like 2 years now, and think it’s the awesomest thing ever…doesn’t look too hard either!

  2. I’ve totally had the quilting bug lately,too, and I have at least two to work on. Nothing is ever as appealing as starting something new though. First I have two pairs of socks to finish, and also a sadly forgotten shawl that I was so in love with…

  3. I always laugh when people say, “sleep now, while you can.” Like you have some magic sleep bank you can fill up and then use when the baby is born. But, I am jealous that pregnancy causes you to sleep. It does the opposite for me. And that quilt is gorgeous, but if the top picture is of your real bed, then I think you have some pretty fantastic sleeping quarters right now.

  4. Alicia, oh my goodness, if one more person tells me to “sleep while you can!” I might just scream. It’s not like if I sleep 12 hours tonight it’ll make up for the fact that in 5 months I won’t go more than 2 hours sleeping in a row, right? I know they’re trying to be helpful, but STILL.

    Oh, and the first trimester I had awful insomnia. I have to take sleep aids (Ok’d by my doc, don’t worry!) to even be able to fall asleep before 3 am. But now I take my Unisom and WHAM! I am conked out for 12 hours. It’s great.

  5. I think you have to set priorities once the little one comes and take a nap when baby takes one. It is so tempting to try and get things done when they are sleeping,but it so useful when you are rested! So for the first few months, let lots of chores get the minimum and catch up on sleep or nap when baby does.

  6. Maybe you could have people help you? It looks like it might not be too hard to do in sections and then put together.

    I didn’t really sleep well when I was pregnant, and I didn’t really sleep well until K was like a year old, I never could nap when she napped. And it has only been since she turned 2 that I have really had some sleep like I used to – unbroken and restful – all night!! However, look at me. I made it – with no sleep bank! And I usually don’t even have bags under my eyes!

    My advise to every pregnant woman is to drink lots of water and that is only because I seemed never to have enough and when it came to labor my body was so dehydrated that contractions were not doing their job! We all give advice from our experience and we were all tired and all wish that there was some magic way to make it not so!

    By the way, You are looking more and more beautiful in each picture that you post! You look contect and peaceful. Love you cousin and so proud of the hard work (growing a human) that you are doing with a smile!

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