15 Weeks and My Baby is the Size of a Softball

So I had a fun doctors appointment today. You know, the fun one where you get to answer 30 billion questions about your family’s medical history (yes, yes, lots of cancer in my family, yes, there a history of high blood pressure, yes a history of heart problems), where you get to wear that drafty gown and get poked, prodded and swabbed in all kinds of places (turn your head to the left, breath deeply and cough), they steal a little bit of your blood, (you’re just doing to feel a tiny pinch!), asking me if my asthma is under control, tell me that I need to get tested for all of these STD’s so I don’t endanger my baby (they still never believe that I don’t sleep around) Yep, that’s the fun one alright.

Unfortunately my blood pressure is a bit high and I’ve been having some major heart palpitations followed by severe dizziness (don’t worry, my doctor knows all about it) so that’s something we’re going to have to keep an eye on. But other than that, everything is looking pretty good, and my doctor was optimistic that my back problems won’t have too much of an affect on my pregnancy. He even went so far as to say that if I did end up needing a spinal (in the case that I might need an emergency c-section) they would probably be able to do it, however they’ll have to talk to the anesthesiologist a bit later in the pregnancy to be sure. (I previously was told by another doctor that an epidural or spinal would be impossible with my spinal fusion, therefore making it necessary to put me completely under with general anesthesia if a c-section was needed, which is, obviously, something I would like to avoid)

(sorry about my daydreamy look there… it’s hard to take your own portrait with a big camera that’s set on self-timer, trying to balance it on your washing machine, plus I was trying to block out all of the dirty dishes on the table behind me by using my huge belly. Yep. Also for my undone hair and no make up… priorities, people. I woke up and I showered today, so that was good enough.)

But then… the nurse comes in and puts cold jelly on my stomach and I get to hear the baby’s heartbeat, and suddenly you forget about all of the poking and prodding and questions. Whumpa-Whumpa-Whumpa. What a great sound that is. A perfect little heartbeat.

15 weeks and counting…And in 5 weeks, oh FIVE weeks we get to find out the sex. It’s pretty much killing me. I want to start knitting for the baby now. Everyone keeps asking me if I have a preference if we have a girl or a boy, and right now I can honestly say that I would be completely thrilled with either. We’ve got a name picked out for each, so we’re set on that, at least (we’re keeping it a secret, sorry guys) but I was thinking about getting a pole going in the sidebar so you could cast your votes about the gender of the baby.(We’ve done some of the Old Wives Tales tricks to find out what we’re having, and according to the “Ring test” and the “Baby Heart Rate Test” and the Chinese conception calender we’re having a girl… but none of the tests have indicated we’re having a boy, so we’ll see if they’re right!)

Alright, that’s enough pregnancy talk. I’ll be back tomorrow with some regular knitting posts. I’ve got 3 big “reveals” to show you this week. Including a baby present for my bestie, Autumn, who is due NEXT MONTH! We’re so excited to meet her little baby boy and I can’t wait for my baby and hers to be BFF’s like his momma and I are.


4 thoughts on “15 Weeks and My Baby is the Size of a Softball

  1. I am not oblivious to the fact that I will get even huger, but even so, this being the biggest I’ve ever been (or weighed) in my life, it just seems very large.

  2. Ali, I have been picturing you with a sweet little girl since finding out you were pregnant, so I think all the old myths are correct. It will be fun to see what the ultrasound reveals!

  3. Cuute belly (and outfit!!)
    All the gender tests were different for me, so I find it really interesting you haven’t had at least one say boy yet. Can’t wait to find out – the next five weeks are going to drag on for you, in case you were wondering LOL

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