13 Weeks and I didn’t have any NutterButters.

Wow. I feel like this last week my waistline has completely exploded. I’m a little over 13 weeks along and I think that I am going to need some maternity pants here really soon. I can get through about half the day before I feel like the buttons on my pants are just going to shoot off across the room… I’ve got a handful of shirts that are still working out alright, my wardrobe choices are just getting smaller and smaller by the week.

Apparently Tiny Tong is the size of a NutterButter this week? Or a peach.

I’ve been majorly tired this week. It’s hard getting back into the working world and trying to keep your lunch down at the same time… I am hoping that the 2nd trimester will be a little kinder to me and make it a little bit easier to go to work. Luckily most of my “morning sickness” has been actually “evening sickness”, so I am usually at home when the yuckies hit. Poor Paul, he has had to put up with so much from me these past few months!

Today I have the day off, so I’m grocery shopping, cleaning the house, cooking and just generally trying to tidy up… with lots of breaks in between. So I guess it’s time to go do the dishes now…



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