February Lady, Finished.

I finished my February Lady yesterday.Β  I miraculously also found 3 matching buttons.

I don’t think I’ll stay with these buttons, but they work for now, plus we were having a dinner party last night and I wanted to wear it, so I grabbed the 3 that matched.

And here you can see my kitchen sink! (Look! No dirty dishes!)

I am liking it without sleeves for now. I can always go back and add them on later if I feel like I want them. Also, I only have about 1/8th of a skein of yarn left, so that would mean ordering more yarn… so it’ll probably remain sleeveless.

The reason I waited so long to make this sweater was because this style of shirt typically ends up looking maternity on me, even when I wasn’t pregnant, so when I found out I was, in fact, pregnant, this was the first knitting project I started, because now it can look maternity and that is just fine with me.


11 thoughts on “February Lady, Finished.

  1. Love it! And it fits perfectly. I’ve been planning a February Lady forever — now I’ll be inspired again!

  2. Nice work Ali! It’s a great color on you and is pretty with the purple shirt πŸ™‚ You are such a pro!

  3. ❀ it!!! I wish I could manage to finish something that I could wear. Guess I better get working on my blanket so I can try to create something wearable. Thank you for the inspiration!!

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