My Big Scary Project.

So, I finished the first 1/2 of the intarsia knitting on my Andre the Giant project.

The lovely backside of my work.

And yes, all of those ends have to be woven in. Ugh. I think that between weaving in ends and seaming, those two things would have an epic battle on the things that I hate the most about knitting. Actually, I think those are the only two things I hate about knitting. Everything else, well, we have a good relationship.

So there is his face. Kind of frightening, no? But considering this is what he is supposed to look like: (look down) I feel like I did a pretty good job.

I think it’s his eyes that creep me out the most.

I notice that some of the stitches look kind of loose, and others are pulling, that is just because of all of the loose ends hanging out the back. Once those are pulled tight and woven in, it will all be much smoother and nicer looking. Well, as nice as Andre the Giant can look, I guess.

Oh, and just in case you didn’t realize just hot HUGE this giants face is, here is my hand for some comparison.

I know, right? This scarf is going to be hooge. And now, wow. Now I get to do another 5 feet of straight stockinette stitch! WOO! My favorite thing ever!

Ok, so add one more thing to my knitting-hate list. 5 feet of stockinette stitch.


6 thoughts on “My Big Scary Project.

  1. Well, it’ll be close to 7 feet long, but it’s only 1/2 as wide as I am making it. It’ll be folded in half to cover all of the icky ends. It’ll probably be about 10 inches wide. Maybe a bit more?

  2. Ha. I love your list of hates. Especially #3.

    But that is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! I need an in-person explanation of how you did it.

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