Persimmon Slouch

I made this Persimmon Slouch for my Aunt Diana

I really wanted to keep it. I was super impressed with how this one turned out.

The color is fantastic! I used Cascade 220 in color Persimmon. I just love using Cascade Yarns. They’re pretty much my favorite!

Let me know if you want one. Email me at or leave a comment and I will write you back and let you know about prices and shipping and all that good stuff.


3 thoughts on “Persimmon Slouch

  1. hey since you are already working on a project for me – let me know how much a black slouchy hat for me would be. I have been wanting to get a black hat to go with my new coat… If I can afford it right now then you can wait and send them together!

  2. by the way, have you thought of setting up a web page of some sort – not necessarily etzy (or whatever it is) but even just a blog with prices and such??

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