Knitted Nativity

I had someone request a knitted nativity set, so here it is.

Mary, Joseph and Jesus.

There’s even a little lamb to go with it.

She just requested these 4 pieces, so there’s no wisemen or shepherds, but I think I might make another set for myself, but with all of the pieces.

Little lamby


Now, a bit about prices. It turns out that these are quite a bit more complicated than I anticipated them being, so if you are interested in the whole set (Which would include Mary, Joseph, Jesus, 3 Wisemen, A shepherd, a sheep and a donkey/horse) It would be $100. I’ve looked at a few other ones people are selling, and they’re all well over the $100 mark. (Examples here and here). If you would still like me to make you one please email me @ so I can get started on the orders before the next holiday season, so you can enjoy them all Christmas long next year. Unfortunately due to time constraints and lots of other Christmas orders I won’t be able to make any for this coming Christmas.



8 thoughts on “Knitted Nativity

  1. Wow. I just showed my Dad, too, since he’s sitting here with me on the couch, and he’s even more impressed than I was. But ‘cuz I’ve seen lots of your knitting and that was his first taste.

  2. how do i get one of these? my fiance thinks it’s amazing so let me know how much it would be for all of the pieces, with the wisemen, etc. i know you have a ton of christmas work to do so i guess i just need it by this time next year πŸ™‚

  3. This is the best nativity for kids! They could act it out and everything. I remember Mom catching us with G’ma Kvale’s porcelain set once….that was a no no. Does Mary always hold Jesus? Or is it velcro, cuz that would make it even better!!

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