A New Hat

I just got in from shoveling our walkway, and whoa, I am exhausted! It decided to melt a little, snow some more, then freeze again, so it’s ice, layered with another coating of snow, then another layer of ice… a little frozen lasagna of winter. Lovely. Also, someone (uh, me) forgot to throw away all of the little pumpkins on our porch before we left for Texas, so I also had to wrestle those off the porch (they were frozen to the cement) and throw those away. It was kind of gross. Imagine me trying to wrestle a giant frozen pumpkin in the snow, I am sure the neighbors thought I was hilarious.

Anyway, all that to say, I had to go outside today to take pictures of a hat I made while I was in Texas, it’s for a Christmas present, so I won’t say who it is for, but I hope she’ll like it.

I really ought to just wait until Paul gets home to take these pictures for me, but until I learn better, you just get crappy self portraits.

I used the same amount of cast-ons, ribbing and increases as my Lemon Curd Slouch, but instead of making it slouchy I just started my decreases quite a bit sooner to make a tighter fitting beanie.

Oh, and it’s totally lovely out today. I mean, besides being freezing, but the skies were so nice and blue today, hadn’t seen the sky in a while, it was getting kind of depressing. It did melt some today so we got more icicles, which is always pretty.

Our poor other car is still stuck here until we can get it into the shop. (It’s throttle is frozen open, talk about scary times trying to start the car! Yikes. I about wet my pants.)

This is the view from my front porch. I KNOW, right?! Look at those pretty hills!

Mmm, frosty and beautiful.

I do like the snow, as long as the snow doesn’t end up all over the roads, making it hard for me to get around, then being unemployed is no fun.

I still have yet to go sledding or snowboarding, anyone in Moscow want to take me sledding?


2 thoughts on “A New Hat

  1. Love the hats – you’ve been a busy lady lately!
    Plus I am extremely jealous of your view – the hills are great!!

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