Just in time for Halloween!

Another Christmas commissioned piece. Too bad he’s for Christmas and not for Halloween.

I had a lot of fun making this chubby bat.

I especially like his wing detail. I had a very specific idea of what I wanted in mind, and this was one of the few times that I can actually figure out how to knit what’s in my head!

Special thanks to the hubs, for helping me take pictures and lending your left hand to hold the bat.

7 thoughts on “Bat!

  1. Cute! Adam just said you should make a nativity scene. That would be fun, a camel, some wise men…baby Jesus. I mean, shouldn’t be too hard right?! And you could put little beans in the bottom so they stand up by themselves, it’d be fun for children to have one they could actually play with.

  2. wow! I’ve always thought bats were pretty cute when you see them up close–not like when they are eerily flitting and flying around eating bugs above Bitterroot Lake. This one is adorable though! So proud of you for figuring it out too! It definitely looks like a professional pattern.

  3. I would totally buy the nativity set!! my boys always want to play with them- so that would be perfect!! let me know so I can put in my order.
    I love the bat-having boys has opened my world to a whole new love of the creepy, crawling!!

  4. I am not sure ali-there is a set on etsy of just mary, joe, baby manger and sheep for 25 plus shipping?
    i have no idea how long stuff like that takes.

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