Knit wrists

So I am making some of these mittens and I just can’t get over how soft this yarn is and how much I just want to make a blanket out of it, curl up and never get off the couch. I want to marry this stuff, guys, it’s so great. I think when I am done with these I will have a real hard time giving them up. Like, for reals.

Also… I’ve been knitting for a while now. How do I NOT have stitch markers? Wha?

So I end up using keychains and rings and random other things to keep track. I’m making a thumb gusset, and it requires stitch markers! Stitch markers, people! Why don’t I have them?! I’m a KNITTER! Ok, now that the little rant is done I am off to carve a pumpkin. I am doing Snow White. And it will rule.

Also, while speaking of things I don’t have… why don’t I have fingernail polish remover? I had some… like 2 weeks ago. I know because when my mom was over her nailpolish opened up in her purse, and we used it to clean things up, but now that I’ve worn nail polish, (For the first time in years, seriously, years) I can’t find it. Arggg! They’re all chipped, but I have no choice but to keep repainting them, because I can’t get all the polish off without the proper equipment. So, off to carve with chipped brown nails…


2 thoughts on “Knit wrists

  1. Love that color. Also, I don’t have markers either, and with this dumb sweater I’ve been thinking of just doing it for myself, but X-mas IS coming up….so don’t buy them for yourself.
    Also…snow white?! Bomb.

  2. I think those mittens look really cool with your key chains as stitch markers. I used safety pins for the longest time, and still do now even though I have real stitch markers, they are just easier sometimes.

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