Another iPod cozy

I made this one for a girl at work, I made this one out of cotton, so it will be a bit more durable

I call it “Bubblegum”


Cast on 28 stitches
Split onto 3 DPN’s
Knit in the round until it’s about 1/4 inch longer than your iPod (or iPhone)
Bind off 14 stitches.
On remaining 14 stitches knit 4 rows stockinette stitch
K2t on each end on every knit row for 3 rows (you should have 8 stitches)
Knit in stockinette stitch for 6 rows
Knit 3, bind of 2 stitches, knit 3
Purl 3, add 2, knit 3
Knit these 8 stitches in stockinette stitch for 4 more rows.
Bind off all stitches, weave in loose ends.
On bottom, sew together the open bottom end of the iPod cozy.

-Tip: While knitting in the round, feel free to switch colors as often as you want. I don’t cut and attach the yarn when I do stripes, I just pull it behind my knitting and let it lay there while I am doing another color, this saves a LOT of time, and it is a big ugly on the inside, but there are alot less ends to tie in, plus less knots to tie!

-Tip: If you want to do it ribbed just k2P2 the entire pattern, swapping colors as wanted.

On the pink and blue one I used Peaches and Cream, just because I had it on hand, but the cotton seems to work really well for this sort of thing, and holds up well to frequent use!


11 thoughts on “Another iPod cozy

  1. I like this one even better. I prefer the seam on the side or back or wherever it is on this one. Ar they frustrating to use? I do not yet have an Ipod, so I do not get how you operate it inside a cozy.

  2. What’s the gauge and on what needles? I just started a knitting club at my church for junior high kids and right now we’ve got a small handful of regulars, but they’re being called nerds by their peers. I want to make a few of these to hand out as prizes for the youth group games to make them realize knitting can be cool! Thanks for the awesome pattern!

  3. That’s so cute! I knitted one in purple and white today, with 4mm circular needles (the magic loop method) and 8ply wool, in case anyone was wondering. It was a little small, as my iPod (gen 4) only just fit, so if I was going to knit another one, I would probably add a few extra stitches when casting on, or just use bigger needles. Also, I left a small hole at the bottom for my earphones. Thank you so much for posting this! I love it. ❤

  4. what does ‘split onyo 3 dpn’ mean? I’ve tried to find the answer online, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  5. It means split the the stitches onto 3 Double pointed needles, so you have equal amounts of stitches onto 3 different needles and you’re knitting in the round. I think you’ll end up with 9 stitches on 2 needles and 10 on one, since you can’t divide 3 into 28. Hope that helps… If you dont want to knit in the round, you can just knit it flat then have a seam going up the back or side.

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