Dylan’s Turtle

I had a special request for a turtle, but was unsuccessful in finding a good pattern for a turtle online, except for itty-bitty ones, and I didn’t really want to make one that small. So I made one up, and sometimes my made-up patterns actually work.

I am kind of sad that the turtle and the lamb have to leave us soon. I will most likely need to make replacements.

Pattern below if anyone wants it:

cast on 6 stitches,
row one: knit
row two: knit one, make one
(repeat rows 1 and 2 three times)
knit 6 rows (alternating color every 2 rows)
knit 4, k2grep to end of row
knit to end of row
knit 3, k2g rep to end of row
knit to end of row
knit 2, k2g rep to end of row
knit to end of row
knit 1, k2g rep to end of row
knit to end of row
k2g rep until you have 6 stitches on your DPN’s
Stuff the shell, thread tail through last 6 stitches, pull through, tighten.

Cast on 6 stitches
Knit to end of row
K1, M1 to end of row
knit to end of row
K1, M1 to end of row
Knit 4 rows
Knit 4, ktg rep to end of row
Knit 3, ktg rep to end of row
Knit 2, ktg rep to end of row
Knit 1, ktg rep to end of row
Ktg rep until you have 6 stitches left, stuff the head, thread remaining yarn through last six stitches, pull tight.

Made 4 ‘flippers’ for legs (6 stitches for 6 rows, decrease 2, knit 3 more rows, decrease 1, knit one row, bind off) and one tail (knit 4 stitches for 3 rows, decrease two, knit for 2 rows, bind off) and sewed them all together. I tried to do everything on DPN’s because I hate seaming more than anything.


42 thoughts on “Dylan’s Turtle

  1. OMG Ali, the turtle is so cute!!! Dylan is going to be so happy to get it! Thank you so much for making this for him. Miss you lots!!! xoxo

  2. Cute once again! By the time you and Paul have kids, you’ll have a fully stocked menagerie. (Unless you want to bequeath some of that cuteness to me before then. I wouldn’t object….)

  3. The sad thing for me, Hannah, is that most of these little dudes are already claimed. I may need to knit up replacements, because I love them all together. And I’ve now got a loooong list of custom orders for people wanting little animals! I might be able to turn this into a nice little side business!

  4. Um you should totally sell them. You could make money, good money! Also, remember that little person I showed you from christmas? Those are sold for $6 bucks each, not very much, but it all adds up VERY quickly. I’m just sayin’.

  5. I don’t know if 6 bucks would even cover the time it takes! These little guys take a while, so I guess if I wanted to make $1.50 an hour… haha. But yeah, maybe I could sell them, but maybe more than 6 bucks, but then I dont know if anyone would buy them!

  6. I used size 4 DPN’s and I don’t remember his exact dimensions (I gave him away over a year ago!) but I think he was about 6-7 inches long and maybe 2 inches tall?

  7. ok i love the turtle but I do not understand some of the directions. Like “make one”? do you mean add a stitch?

  8. Liz, “Make One” is a very common knitting term. It means to increase one stitch. What other parts of the directions do you not understand? I’d be happy to explain them.

  9. I suppose that would really depend on the skill of the 10 year old? I’m not really sure. I’ve taught a few 10 year olds to knit, and if they can follow a pattern and knit in the round I don’t see why not.

  10. Hey! The turtle is super cute and I plan on making it for a friend for her baby shower. A quick question though. About how much yarn does it take? And what weight yarn do you recommend? Thanks so much for any help! I will be sure to send a picture of my finished one!

  11. This is super cute and my daughter is a turtle freak! We have one named “Tess”. How much yarn did you use and what size needle. Thanks for sharing your adorable little turtle!

  12. Not sure how much yarn I used, it was scraps! But less than a 1/4 skein i know. Don’t know which brand, sorry- most likely vanna’s choice! Also I used size 4’s I believe!!

  13. I want to say that I absolutely love this turtle .
    But, I am looking for some help making a small stuffed turtle to put into a real turtle shell 6 inches long and 5 inches wide ..HELP….PLEASE..

  14. Hello! This is a very cute turtle, I am planning to knit it for a friend’s birthday. I was just wondering in the picture the it looks like you have knitted in stocking stitch (except for the flippers and tail), but in the pattern everything is done by knit. If I want the turtle to look like it does in the picture should I alternate knit and purl rows?

    Thanks! 🙂

  15. Hi again! Apologies for my beginner-knowledge, but would this pattern work if I just used normal knitting needles or does it have to be DPN for it to work?
    Or would it still work if I used normal needles but I would just have to alternate rows?

    Thank you!

  16. No problem, Bacon!
    If you wanted to make it on straight needles you would have to alternate knitting and purling and then stitch up the side to close it into a circle once you’re done knitting. I prefer the seamless look of DPN’s. If you’re not sure how to use them I suggest watching some KnitWitch’s videos on Youtube! Happy Knitting!

  17. I absolutely love this pattern! I’m 13, and I am very interested in knitting this! I have one question, is there anyway this pattern can be knitted on circular knitting needles instead of DPNs? And are the flippers knitted on straight needles?

  18. Sorry, that should say “k2t” instead of ktg, so knit 4, then knit two together, repeat those two steps until the end! My apologies!

  19. On the shell directions, it says, “Row 2: knit one, make one.” Does that mean knit 1 stitch and then on the 2nd stitch, increase 1 so that you are increasing from 6 stitches to 9 stitches. Or does it mean to make 1 in every stitch so that you are doubling the number of stitches to 12?

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