Singing Zimmerman Praises

I am working on my 3rd sweater(3rd adult sweater), it’s a top-down raglan, based on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s basic pattern.

My book is a bit worn out, as you can tell.

But it gives you all the basic principles that you need to know to make a sweater, but it is more of a bare-bones pattern more than a step-by-step pattern. So you have to do a little math, but this website helps out a bit. You can enter your needle size and gauge, plus the size (In inches) you want it, and *presto* if pops out a much more direct pattern for you to follow! It’s pretty amazing, especially for those of us who are not so good with the math portion of figuring out your own patterns. But it’s pretty liberating, knowing the basic steps to be able to create a sweater of any size, without having to have all the trouble of figuring all that complicated math stuff.

I highly recommend E. Zimmerman to every knitter, once you get the basic steps of knitting down you can follow these steps and make a beautiful sweater!


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