My bounty.

I came back from Tacoma with a much fatter suitcase. I could barely get it zipped. That’s because I got some awesome-tastic yarn. My mother and youngest sister Heidi decided to go to Value Village to check around. Sometimes you find some gems. I found this:

Well, 3 skeins of it, to be exact. For 99 cents. 100% wool for 99 cents! And to have them all be the matching dye lot was just above and beyond.  I’m not sure what I want to make with them yet, but it’s a lovely grey color. Yum.

Then I went to Lambs Ear to just pick up a skein of the red Cascade Yarns Eco Wool to finish my sweater vest.

But then, right next to it, there was this completely gorgeous yarn…

I’m not sure what it’ll be for yet, but probably another sweater.

Isn’t it so pretty?

And I also got this lovely brown for my Buttony Sweater that is soon-to-be started.

Terrible picture, I know!

So today I am at home, sick, again. Not too sure what’s going on with my immune system at the moment, but we’re trying to get things all healthy! So, I’m going to sleep on the couch!


3 thoughts on “My bounty.

  1. I never commented, but I love love love the purple! It’s such a gorgeous deep color! And score at the thrift store!

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