Unexpected Gifts

I was having kind of a rough week so far, but when I got home from work I found something waiting for me. I was shocked! I wasn’t expecting a package (except for a new P.A system, but that was more for the hubs than me) Anyhow, I see pink hearts on the outside, so I know it’s going to be good.

So I rip it open and there are two great letters, and some fun, fun little things.

What a cute little wallet!

Leggings and leg warmers! Whoa!

Some fun makeup and some headache relief ointment? It’s peppermint, I’m curious to try it!

A WATCH! I’m excited, because mine broke like 6 months ago! I love it. It matches my ring, too!

Some fun and funky jewelry! The little yellow flowers are so cute, I want to wear them everyday.

A funny little pencil.

And my favorite thing in the package….

The cutest hairclip I’ve ever seen!!!

Thank you, Charissa and Autumn!


3 thoughts on “Unexpected Gifts

  1. You’re welcome! We were hoping it’d get there in time to be waiting for you when you got back from Spokane, but actually I’m glad it took longer than that to come on the day you needed it to come.

    I really like the tights in theory, but I’m curious as to whether or not they’ll actually wear as well as they do in my mind.

    But I have this awesome outfit in mind… Tights, the yellow flower earrings, the hairclip, the watch, the lipgloss, your yellow coat, your new MaryJanes, etc. Hott.

  2. don’t forget the sparkles, Autumn! definitely can’t leave those out when wearing such an outfit! Ali, you will be soooo HOTT!

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