Fickle fickle…

So, just as I was casting on for my new sweater I got cold feet. I looked at the pattern again, and again and again. I just couldn’t do it. I loved my yarn too much to waste it on a sweater that I didn’t love.

So, guess what. I’m making my own Shalom! I know it will seem that everyone has one these days, I am going to make a few modifications, it’s actually going to button all the way down, so it won’t look quite so… maternity on me. That’s not really the look I am going for quite yet.


So, I’m casting on tonight! I’ll keep you updated.


4 thoughts on “Fickle fickle…

  1. I totally get that. Some yarn is just too excellent for some things that you don’t absolutely adore. This way you’ll get the best of both. And I love the button modification.

  2. I’m not sure who it is, I just found the picture on Ravelry and I am using her modifications to make my Shalom Sweater.

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