WIP Wednesday IV

Oops, so I missed Wednesday, hope you don’t mind a catch up on Sunday evening! I’ve been working on the Shalom Cardigan for Erika for Christmas.

The biggest ball of yarn I’ve ever worked with!

Oh noes! WHAT IS THAT?!

So, off the needles it went and I pulled out the whole thing. Yep. Started again from scratch. Arg. But I would feel bad giving Erika a demented sweater. So, I suppose it was a good thing that I had only gotten through the yoke of the sweater and not gotten any farther down the body of it. So now we’re back to stage 1. Ok, actually I’ve done 3 rows, so maybe we are at stage 2.

Such is life when knitting.

But Thanksgiving was amaaazing.

Ezra was enchanted by the Christmas Tree

I got some good smiles and giggles

and Ez got to watch football with Uncle Paul.

So pictures of Ezra’s sweater while he’s wearing it are still forthcoming. We kind of forgot/kept putting off getting a photoshoot and now I am back in Moscow and he’s in Tacoma and such is life. But here is what the sweater looks like while laying on my floor:

So that should sedate you until I talk Erika into sending me a picture of Ez wearing it.

Now, it’s time to unpack and tidy up.


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