September has been grand.

Many apologies for not updating lately. We’re going through a move at work and more my spare time has been devoted to that. BUT we are done as of this afternoon and I am exhausted. Lots of heavy lifting (hundreds and hundreds of patient charts), smashed fingers (In the U-Haul door. ouch.), my hands are covered in cuts (And then dipped in Pine-Sol to make sure we left the old office bright and shining) an aching back and sore muscles. But the good news is, we are all moved into our beaaaauuutiful new office and I have my very own space. It’s lovely.

Anyhow, we did one of our whirlwind trips to Tacoma last weekend, and got to go to the fair with some of my bestest friends, and got to show Paul how awesome the Puyallup Fair really is! I didn’t take my camera because I was with lots of people who took theirs, and also because I have about 10,000 pictures of the Fair. We got to see Ezra baptized, went to lunch with the WHOLE fam (First time we’ve all been together since Christmas!) got an orthodontist appointment (Today is the first day of eating solid foods again!) and got to spend some quality time with my sweet lil’ neph! Just take a look- what a sweetie.

september 058

Chillaxin’ with grandma

september 050

Oh, are you talking to me?

september 057

Um, that’s a yawn, not a scream. Just FYI.

But before we left Paul and I went to the Latah County Fair and we had a blast.

september 004
Paul liked the Lego’s best.

september 009
Lest you forget this is Idaho.

september 013Paul is surprised by tall sunflowers and large pumpkins.

september 016We ate elephant ears and listened to bluegrass.

september 017We thought this sign was funny.

september 018We rode the Ferris Wheel and then ate snowcones.

All in all it was pretty good for a small fair. We made the most out of it and had a good time. Anyhow, so there is an update or sorts. I should get around to cleaning the house and tidying up. With working late all week my poor house has been a bit neglected, but that’s what weekends are for, right?

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