Veggies and Waffles

waffles 003
While on our quest at the Farmer’s Market to get berries for our Saturday Morning breakfast, we stopped to get some cucumbers, but our friend working at the booth decided to cut us a deal and throw in some squash and some kohlrabi. Now I’ve never had kohlrabi (the spiky purple thing) and so if any of you have any great kohlrabi recipes, please, by all means share them with me!

waffles 005
We also got some fresh peppers, just look at those colors! I love our Farmers Market, delicious produce, SO cheap!

waffles 006
Mmmm, Fresh fruit for the Belgian Waffles.

waffles 001Waffles are serious business.

waffles 008
The perfect Saturday morning treat!


5 thoughts on “Veggies and Waffles

  1. Kohlrabi is great, just peel and slice thin and eat raw
    Or cut into matchsticks and put in lettuce wraps YUM

  2. We tried Kohlrabi for the first time this summer, and just peeled and sliced it really thin. You can cook it too, but we were advised against that. I enjoyed it, but not sure about the others. It is always fun to try new things.

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