It’s been a busy week, I’ve  started my new job (so far, so good) and done a lot of work around the house.  Tried my first loaf of Artisan Bread (we made the pizza crust before, but not the loaf) but I am happy to report it turned out great!

baking n stuff 004

We also had some overripe banana’s, so we made banana bread, and boy is it tasty. I love banana bread.

baking n stuff 006

So we liked our Artisan Bread so much I tried to make it in a loaf, so it’d be easier to make sandwiches and stuff out of. It took a bit longer to bake (I left in in an extra 15 minutes) but it turned out good, too. Although, it may have needed about 5 more minutes of baking as I don’t think it was done all the way in the middle. Also, I made a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, just because the oven was preheated. (It takes our oven well over 30 minutes to preheat t0 325. It’s absurd.)

baking n stuff 012

Another little project I was working on… I got these “dish rags” at Target, they were on clearance and they were fun colors, so I bought them. I tried to wipe off the counter with a damp red one, and left a bright smear of dye all along the countertop. I then checked the packaging and it says “Do not bleach, wash in hot water with like colors”… seriously? Luckily we have tile counters, so it came right off, but I am just glad I didn’t toss one of these in with a load of laundry! So, I threw them all in our big (two baby) sink and boiled them about times and the dye still hasn’t really stopped bleeding out, but I figure i can use them at least for wiping the counters now. Then to dry them I set up twine all around my kitchen and had little clotheslines hanging around everywhere. Looked kind of festive with the bright colors. And also now I have a light blue ring around my sink.

baking n stuff 001

And the most important news of ALL! Head on over to Skrivan Scribbles and wish Ezra a big congrats on being born!


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