Disclaimer: For all you serious gardeners out there, just an FYI I am not a gardener, or serious for that matter.

That being said; take a look at my new little garden!

plants 001

We’ve got tomatos, 2 different kinds of peppers, eggplant, basil, chives and some zinnia’s and some other kind of white flower that I don’t know what it is called that Paul got for me.

Sadly, though, all my dill up and died on me, so oh well for that. But that’s ok, since I’m not a huge dill fan anyhow. But it was kind of sad. I think the heatwave was just a bit too much for it. *

plants 003Right next to our little park bench that is so nicely in the shade for cooler evenings reading outside.

*I think the heat wave was too much for me, too!

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