I had an incredibly domestic day yesterday and I just felt like bragging about it a little bit, since it was my first real burst of domesticity since the wedding. After I got home from work we took the laundry to the Laundromat, we started it in the washers, and went to grab some dinner, then we came back to switch it into the dryers. While they were drying we ran to the supermarket, picked up our miscellaneous things we needed. (We went in for 2 items. Came out $57 dollars poorer, but such is life) and got back to the Laundromat just as our dryers were done. (Side note: I love living in a town where everything is 2 minutes away from everything else.) Then we got home and actually folded our laundry right when we got home. (This usually does NOT happen. Ok, you got me. That NEVER happens.) Then I did all the dishes, (3 days worth. Don’t tell my mother) vacuumed the whole house (that’s not THAT huge of a feat, this place isn’t that big, but still), dusted, reorganized my kitchen cabinets (threw out lots of warped/old/gross/stained tupperware) made a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies (Janet Jack’s recipe. My NEW FAV, find it in the Church Cookbook under “Steve’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies”, I believe. Also, I got to use my awesome orange Kitchen-Aid for the first time, too. That was a treat), practiced my guitar and even had some time to hang out with my husband!

I call that a good day!


7 thoughts on “Domesticity.

  1. So productive Ali!! That is my favorite chocolate chip recipe too, anything with a pound of butter is bound to be yummy:)
    I love your wedding pics-you were absolutely beautiful!

  2. I was using my cheery red kitchen-aid to whip up some yummy chocolate chip cookies yesterday, and I actually thought of your beautiful orange one and wondered if you’d had a chance to use it yet! Is Paul a believer yet?!

  3. Oh it felt SOO good to get so much done in one evening! And now it’s the weekend and my HOUSE. IS. STILL. CLEAN. And my car is back from the shop! Hooray!

  4. Sounds like you are settling well. I am do proud of you…and jealous. I made two cakes this weekend and was wishing for a fancy kitchen aide.

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